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Historically speaking

In 1916- 1917, Marshall Field and Company selected the land now known as Fieldale and surrounding areas to expand their textile operation. With the building of the town and the Mill together, there came families, mostly from farms, to work in the Mill. A school was now needed for the children. The first temporary school was located on Mt. Top Road, a street behind North Chestnut Street and was known as the Mountain Top School. Mr. Tom Hill, who grew up in Preston and who graduated from VPI in 1916, was the principal and Miss Annie Overton was the teacher. The school consisted of grades one through seven. Later the school was moved to the last two houses on 7th Street. These houses were used as churches on Sunday and a school during the week. In 1920, as the children were increasing in number, Marshall Field and Company gave the land to build a four-room, brick schoolhouse across the street from what is now the Fieldale Fire Department. The permanent structure was built by John Smith, General Contractor for the town. 

Marshall Field and Company was very interested in the welfare of their employees and in building a model community where their cotton mills were located. Primarily for the benefit of their employees, this brick school building was built at a cost of $30,000.00. The 3 acre lot was donated and deeded to the County School Board. By 1927, the County added an auditorium and additional classrooms. The cost of this addition by John Smith was $17,203.00. Later, auditorium seats were added for approximately $700.00. 

Prior to 1929-1930, only elementary classes were offered. But at this time, 2 years of high school work was offered. There were 8 full-time elementary teachers, 2 full-time high school teachers and 1 teacher assisting with both elementary and high school work.  This year there were 34 high school pupils and 338 grade school pupils enrolled in the school. 

In 1930-1931, 3 years of high school work was offered and 9 teachers devoted themselves to the elementary classes. The following year, the curriculum was enriched by the addition of a Home Economics class. Mr. J. O. Looney came as the principal in 1932 and installed a 4 year high school course and Fieldale High School became an accredited school. The school, at this time, was badly over-crowded. Relief came soon with the erection of a four-room, brick addition costing $11,755.00 and an attractive Home Economics cottage costing $3,245.00. The school had made rapid strides in the past few years and enjoyed splendid support by the community, who equipped the stage with curtains, provided library supplies and small items necessary to the school. Marshall Field and Company supplied fuel for the school and a janitor until 1932 and continued to supply fuel for many years, in addition to free water and electricity.

A separate high school was built under Supt. B. K. Rives, located on the lower side of the community center, facing Marshall Way in 1941. In 1942, the high school students moved to the new high school building and enjoyed the spacious rooms and wonderful accommodations. In 1953, there were major additions and in 1965, the Fieldale-Collinsville High School was built off of Daniels Creek Road. The old Fieldale High School became Fieldale Elementary with grades 4-7 and the old elementary school became Fieldale Primary School with grades K-3. 

When the middle school program began in 1988, Fieldale Primary was closed and Fieldale Elementary housed grades Pre-K 5. The 6th and 7th graders were sent to Carver Middle School, formerly George Washington Carver High School. In 2004, when consolidation was done by the Henry County Schools, Fieldale Elementary was closed.

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Fieldale School

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